Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot in the City

Civic Space Park. 2012. Downtown Phoenix, AZ. ©Jill Richards Photography
Phoenix is hot as Hades in the summer, even in the evening. Yet, people still come out at night to sit in the grass, listen to live music and enjoy the urban parks. Downtown Phoenix is ever-changing. The skyline is growing upward and outward. New businesses are finding great success — restaurants, bars and even a small local movie theater. I love this scene at Civic Space Park. The modest crowd and local cover band are set against a backdrop of new and old buildings, each one filled with light and color. Janet Echelman's incredible art installation, made with steel, twine netting and lighting makes me thankful someone thought public art was important. It's all coming together. And that makes me happy to live here and excited to see what's next.

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