Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Global Family Philanthropy and Haiti

I can't stop thinking about Haiti. I have Global Family Philanthropy to blame. Well, GFP and graphic designer Jenny Poon — I stalked Jenny's blog for updates from her two trips to Haiti with GFP.

The Global Family organization is small — enthusiastic, but small. Volunteers visit Haiti several times a year to complete projects ranging from construction, painting and education. Just this year they completed the construction of a home for 19 abandoned children — many of whom are left on the streets or in public hospitals.

Most recently, GFP sponsored its first college student. Junau, a 20-year-old Haitian student and GFP volunteer, starts classes at Hesston College in Kansas next week.

I'm excited to be doing some work with GFP.  I'm a fan of photo-philanthropy and GFP is a good fit for me and my work. For these reasons, I wanted to introduce you to the organization. Chances are, I will be talking about Haiti and GFP again soon.

To learn more about Global Family Philanthropy and the incredible work they do, check out this short documentary.

HAITI: Small Beginnings from Sherri Urann on Vimeo.
Mini documentary by Sherri Urann exposing the current state of devastation in Haiti, and daily challenges children face to survive everyday. Perils ranging from the abandonment of babies, cholera, starvation, and a simple lack of love threaten the young of this bereaved country. But big change has small beginnings. Watch to learn what Global Family is doing to help Haiti's future by loving its people in the present. See the rescue of two little girls, and learn how you can help.

film by sherri urann
original music adam kootman

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